AFRAQ24: Advancing Aquaculture Development and Economic Growth in Africa

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Aquaculture continues to increase its importance to Africa’s economies in a number of ways – in providing sustainable and nutritious food to the continent’s fast-growing populations, to jobs and improved livelihoods.

The World Aquaculture Society (WAS) spearheaded the inception of the annual Aquaculture Africa Conferences (AFRAQs), which have proven immensely successful since their commencement. These gatherings serve as a platform for aquaculture enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds – spanning commercial, academic, governmental, and non-governmental sectors – to not only celebrate the sector’s accomplishments but also collaborate on addressing its challenges.  These conferences began in Egypt in 2022, followed by Zambia in 2023, and this year, Tunisia takes the mantle.

Tunisia will host the 3rd Aquaculture Africa Conference (AFRAQ24) on 19-22 November 2024, at its majestic city of Hammamet – a popular holiday destination on the Mediterranean coastline.

Tunisia, the second-largest aquaculture producer in North Africa, is aiming to expand its aquaculture industry due to its competitive advantages in the blue economy. The introduction of AFRAQ24 to Tunisia is expected to inspire African French and Arabic communities and serve as a gateway platform to connect Africa to European aquaculture actors.

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